Delivery & Shipping




  • First, make sure that the product is in stock or if it is a pre-order. If you are interested in a service, make sure that the service is on sale.
  • Make sure your delivery and billing addresses are correct. Please enter complete address.
  • When the amount of your shopping is high, the bank may request verbal confirmation. You should give this confirmation to finalize the order. In order for the bank to reach you, you should provide correct phone number.
  • Delivery is only made to the address. The product can be delivered to another person than the receiver by identification.
  • Shipments are made by the selected courier service.
  • After the order is shipped, the shipping address and the receiver cannt be changed.


  • We work with Express, Aras, Sürat Kargo, Yurtiçi and MNG courier companies. Within the borders of Turkey, the shipment of your product will be at most in 3 business days following your order. Local deliveries are within 24 hours, while cross city deliveries may take 72 hours. If you purchased a service, the beginning date is valid.
  • If none of these cargo companies have delivery to your area, a mobile region is determined and the delivery will be in 1 week. If you purchased a service, you will receive a notification e-mail.
  • When your product is shipped, you will receive an automatic e-mail regarding the tracking and delivery.
  • If you choose to have the same billing and delivery addresses, your bill will come with the product. Always ask about your bill. If you purchased a service, the bill will be mailed seperately.
  • You can track your order from the Cargo company.



  • In case of any cancellation of the service by the buyer or the seller, after the payment, you may  use the same or another service in a future date. The return of the payment will be: 100% of payment if cancelled 30 days before the service date, %50 between 30-16 days to service date, %25 between 15-8 days to the service date. None of the payment will be returned fort he cancellations less than 7 days and it will be recorded as a revenue for Minikoshop. If tha payment is on installment basis, the remaining işnstallments will also be collected by Minikoshop.
  • In case the cancellation is made by Minikoshop, all the proceeds will be returned to the customer.
  • In case of a conflict, Minikoshop records will be considered as evidence. Istanbul courts and Execution offices will be fully reponsible in case of a possible conflict.
  • The approval of the returned product is 1 week. After the approval, the payment will be returned by bank transfer.
  • After the product is shipped, the cancellations will only be via phone or e-mail notifications.



  • Products are under manufacturers’ warranty.
  • If you receive defecteive products as you unpack, you must return it to Minikoshop immediately. The defect should be proved by a record kept with the courier at the time of delivery. The reports after the delivery will not be accepted.
  • There are three alternatives ways for defective products: Repair, replacement or refund. The original packaging shouldn’t be damaged and nothing should be written or stuck.
  • The shipping fee of the defected products are paid for by Minikoshop.
  • The result regarding the defective product will be concludedby the manufacturer. You will be notified via e-mail.


  • Some of our products are supplied pre-order. When you see the product of this process.
  • If your order contains more than one product, we will ship the products in stock immediately. The products that aren’t in stock will be shipped as we receive them.


  • Payments are realized ​​by credit card or bank transfer.
  • The credit card security is provided by the contracted banks’ software. The transaction is realized with 128-bit SSL encryption, which is an international standard.
  • Credit card information is not stored, retained, seen by anybody including the bank. The system works automatically.
  • The installment and credit card campaigns are shown on the page of the product you view.
  • You may also see which credit card you can use to pay on installments.
  • You may pay without installments with any credit card, except for the foreign bank cards.
  • We do not utilize payment at the door.
  • The exchange rates are effective exchange rate determined by the central bank. The exchange rate for the installments are fixed at the purchase date.
  • The exchange rates will be automatically selected when the transaction is realizes in foreign currenncy.
  • Our prices are including V.A.T (Value Added Tax).